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Icon-CoroBlogger-SquareA well-run business blog … one that delivers informative content that addresses the concerns of your customers and prospects … can become a powerful addition to your marketing efforts.

Consider these statistics:

  • 40% of companies in the USA and Europe use blogs as marketing tools.
  • Companies that blog have an average of 55% more website visitors.
  • Businesses selling to consumers get 88% more leads when they blog.
  • Business selling to other businesses get 67% more leads when they blog.

As you can see, a growing number of businesses, small and large, believe that blogging has a beneficial effect on their bottom lines.

Benefits of business blogging

Though it is a low-cost marketing channel, the benefits of business blogging can be immense. These benefits include:

  • Greater website traffic
  • More leads and conversions
  • Building authority and credibility as go-to experts
  • Fostering relationships with customers and prospects
  • Greater insight into audience with blog analytics
  • Building brand awareness
  • Better exposure of products and services
  • Additional channel for announcing product releases and events

provided you have clear goals and a strategy, create quality content that addresses the concerns of your audience, employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques while writing, and use available technologies to your advantage.

Our mission at The Corporate Blogger is to help you realize the benefits of business blogging … whether you are a small enterprise or a large international corporation.

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Business blogging services

We offer the full range of blogging services:

Creating posts:

  • Researching material
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Uploading to web


  • Goals … setting goals for your blog that match corporate goals
  • Strategy … devising an appropriate strategy
  • Selecting a suitable platform / technology
  • Content creation … type of content and who and how it should be produced
  • Implementation … branding, integration, blogging schedule, social media etc

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