Positioning a corporate blog

The Corporate Blogger - Building CredibilityDeciding how your blog should be positioned in relation to your company’s other online assets is a vital part of planning a corporate blog. A company’s online assets consist of its:

  • corporate website
  • any subsidiary websites
  • customer portal
  • intranet, and
  • social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

The positioning of a corporate blog in relation these other online assets will vary greatly … depending on the type of business and how the company uses the web.

The blog’s positioning however will have an impact on the company’s other online assets and how customers interact with these assets.

Thus, getting the positioning right is an important strategic decision.

The best positioning for a blog

The easiest way to decide the correct positioning for the blog is to use a white board.

Place all your online assets on the board in the form of symbols that are spaced well apart and draw lines between them to show how they interact.


For example, if you corporate website has a Twitter link on it, draw an arrow from the site to Twitter.

A corporate website is usually a one-way communication stream from the company to the world at large.

The blog, by contrast, is more often like a two-way form of communication incorporating social media elements such as tweets, embedded videos, Facebook and Google+ updates and so on.

A blog can be used to point a visitor to key pages on the corporate website while adding to the information that is found on those pages. It can also act as the gateway between the business and social media.

The blog can be positioned either inside or outside the website.

How it is positioned will change the relationship between the various elements of the company’s online presence.

You have to think this through carefully and position the blog so that it enhances the company’s other online assets, especially its main website.

Then add the blog symbol to the whiteboard and draw the links between it and the other online assets.

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